Treasures Foundation works with several local entrepreneurs in different vocations such as dressmakers and others, who are willing to train underprivileged youth in their line of work. Treasures Foundation has its head office in Adenta Accra, where the work is coordinated and where youth can come for training, workshops, supervision and coaching. The second location which will be set up through this project Koinonia is to provide shelter for youth in Biriwa Town


The goal of TFTC is to offer social services that will transform the vulnerable youth by giving them a home for skill development and to provide a strong support system to empower them for reintegration into society and the Ghanaian economy.

TFTC is situated on the road between Accra and Cape Coast at Biriwa Town which has approximately 7,000 inhabitants of whom many are fishermen

The vision and the plan is to shelter and train homeless, unemployed and/or previously addicted youth in Ghana. At the centre, the youth will follow a customised program to discover their talents, develop their skills and be reintegrated into society