Take a look at some outstanding testimonies from TFTC


Nana Yaw came  in filled with so much bitterness and an unforgiving spirit.

He has learned to forgive and let go of issues that make him bitter. He has learnt to express his displeasure and not hold grudges. He didn’t have any belief in God and His ability to hear the prayers of people, and so never used to go to Church but, through the lessons taught at the Centre, he has come to accept the role of God in his life and now prays regulary and is able to have private demotions.

He is looking forward to join the immigration service and also to go into farming.


Ezekiel came in as a drug addict. He was addicted to smoking tobacco and marijuana. Joined a Rastafarian religion which got him into the habit of smoking. The drugs got him admitted to the Psychiatric Hospital for two weeks because he was suffering from halucinations.

He relied on the marijuana to do painting but since he joined the Centre, he has been able to break free of his addiction and now has a stable mental health. He has now come to know that true joy comes from God and not marijuana. He has seen great improvement in the quality of art-work he produces.

He has dicovered his calling into Ministry and wants to become a preacher.

He is currently enrolled in biblical studies at the Amsterdam Bible Academy.


Adu Gyamfi came in as an alcohol and marijuana addict. He also had anger issues.

He has been able to quit his smoking and drinking addictions.

He is much more tolerant than before.

He wants to go into business and at the same time go into Ministry. He is currently enrolled in biblical studies at the Amsterdam Bible Academy.


Mary came to the Centre as a girl with an attitudinal problem, had no respect and liked to hang out with friends very late into the night. She had a strong dislike for Church though she is from a christian family.

Today she testifies to the fact that she has come to know and accept the love of Jesus Christ and enjoys a wonderful fellowship with Him both in private and in Church. She enjoys reading the Bible and has learnt to be polite and relate well with peers.

She wants to become a hair stylist.


Charity came to the centre with anger issues. As a result of the anger, she was unable to relate well with people.

She disliked christian church fellowship and did not have any relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today she has learnt to control her temper, relate well with others, and also enjoy fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She now prays regularly.

She has ambitions of becoming a fashion designer.